Gift N' Green
Saving the product at a time...while being Eco Chic!

About us: 

Join us in our passion for green products and make a lifestyle change for your family and our earth, and enjoy the many benefits!


The artist in us allows us to contribute to our inventory with ideas, designs, talent and hard work as well as recognize some of the great talents of our friends in the green world. 


Remember earth friendly is not always green, it comes in different colors, textures and materials you would never dream of using.  Whether it is a headband made from a soda can, your grandmother's watch made into earrings, belts made from your favorite wine corks, bamboo or recycled bottles spun into fabric, it is safe to say we look at junk in a different way than most and what “Mother Nature” has provided.

Our company is dedicated to creating, designing, seeking, evaluating, and providing products to our customers that are reusable, recyclable, organic, biodegradable, multipurpose, and most of all fashion forward!

Check out our website, shop or catch us at a show, as we are sure to flood you with information about the benefits of our products.  We love to dress you and demonstrate the multiple ways to wear our items or we are happy to size or change things on site if time allows.